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Adult Coloring Book with Affirmations – The Secrets Journey to the Inner Self

“The Secrets Journey to the Inner self”


Is a coloring book dedicated to adults who want to reconnect with their own inside creativity and to relax thru coloring in the wonderful world of art.


A little escape from your daily routine will mold and relieve every aspect of your life helping you to become a better person, more loving and more grateful influencing your own destiny on the way to be a successful person.


A simple and inexpensive way to reach the relaxing mood, this book contains the coloring design models specially made to make your spirit travel into the magical universe where you’ll discover the secrets of a fulfilled life.


Life represents the force of love for everything that surrounds us and makes us live it, feel it, and love it.


The journey of our life will form the perspective of our own universe forcing us to discover ourselves.


Let’s appreciate the beauty from our life, we choose things that delight our soul, so we will be able to understand the secret of life.  


These art patterns will lead you into your interior world, without boundaries, helping you to relax for a few minutes while you enjoy the wonderful universe of colors.


The book offers a large variety of designs, details with love, surrounded with different positive messages for everyday life, and other different patterns created to stimulate perseverance, courage and confidence thru the power of love.


Coloring models vary in complexity from beginner to advanced, starting with realistic patterns into beautiful combinations of geometric shapes, Mehndi Designs, Mandalas for each zodiac sign, greeting cards for zodiac signs, nature scenes, floral designs, tessellation patterns, the wonderful universe of animals, fanciful faces, and fashion fantasies to offer a variety of interesting challenges. 




Focusing on something completely different from your daily routine, you will be able to make major changes in your life on the mental, physical, and emotional levels.




The book is perfect step to rediscover the love and gratefulness for everything around us.  This book offers 44 different designs, all created with the purpose of encouragement, dexterity, handiness, and self-discovery– increase of self-confidence, ability to develop and integrate into harmonious family and society life, strengthen the capacity of concentration, stimulate creativity, fantasy, relaxation and stress relief.


Coloring is relaxing, stimulates the imagination and is a form of Meditation, Introspection and Inner Self exploring.




Anyone can enjoy this book using crayons, pencils, markers, paint, and pastels to create Your Own Piece of Art.


Rediscover the Relaxation, Love, and Happiness to Live through the Joy of Coloring!



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